Did you know that most businesses think that all cleaners are the same?

When it comes to the hygiene of your hospital, make sure you don’t take a chance with unreliable cleaners. Our attention to detail and years of experience cleaning and maintaining hospitals and medical environments is what sets us apart from the competition. RFM came into fruition from the current state of cleaning services. Our founder was frustrated at the poor quality cleaning services he continued to experience. From it, he started a cleaning company that doesn’t settle for any service that is less than perfect.

We understand the strict requirements hospitals have to maintain to ensure hygiene and overall patient safety. RFM only provide professional and thorough services. This is to ensure that we not only uphold our commitment to our customers, but also uphold our promise to lead the way in the cleaning industry. Don’t count on any company to deliver the best. Trust the experienced team at RFM.

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